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Sea of Lies 4: Tide of Treachery Game Free Download

Sea of Lies 4: Tide of Treachery Game Free Download: DOWNLOAD PAGE

Investigate multiple cases of ships’ disappearances near the island of Saint Margaret in Sea of Lies 4: Tide of Treachery PC Game!

It’s year 1863 and many vessels, including HMS Mary Rose, carrying gold on board, disappeared last months near that isle. You, famous Miss Hope, were sent by the Navy on board of the next ship, coming to St. Margaret to investigate it. Many suspects that infamous outlaw Rebecca Lowe, also known as “Sea Ripper” is responsible in all of these crimes, and she had committed many gold heists of the merchant ships. And today you saw her on board!
Before you Duke of Reddington was sent to investigate disappearances by his ship was sunk by strange icy storm. With you his widow, Duchess of Reddington is traveling, planning to gather husband’s personal belongings. Duchess of Reddington believes that Governor Finch from St. Margaret connected with this somehow and when Rebecca Lowe tried to murder her, you understood that Duchess may know something. But how one woman outlaw can sunk ships?

Download fourth episode of Sea of Lies series from Eipix, unravel this case and try to stay alive in process in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game!

  • Strategy Guide!
  • Concept arts and wallpapers!
  • Achievements and Collectibles!

Not only scrumptious and magic script, blithe and gentle air, plenty adorable Adventure Hidden Object levels but also unbelievable portraiture are just parts of the unexpected kingdom of Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery game. Sea of Lies 4: Tide of Treachery is one more proof that Puzzle, Hidden Object casual games are getting more unmatched and serious but still remain usable and clinking. Sea of Treachery delectable PC game developed by one of the best programmers studio in the world. You should sink into neat atm of Sea of Lies 4: Tide of Treachery PC game.

System requirements:
HDD: 216 MB
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Mac OS 10.8/10.9/10.10
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
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Post by game (2015-06-05 09:01)

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