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Mysterious Oasis Game Free Download

Mysterious Oasis Game Free Download: DOWNLOAD PAGE

A natural disaster has rained down on the planet and devoured the last sparkles of life. Loneliness and despair run rampant where life once flourished. You are one of the planet's only survivors, having lost count of the number of days since you sought refuge and shelter, the hours and weeks blurring together into a never-ending story that can only end in sorrow. But amid the chaos and devastation, an unexpected message from an old friend tells the legend of a Mysterious Oasis, and provides a glimmer of hope. Is it possible that among the charred rubble lives a single chance to rise from the ashes?
  • Use your inventory to interact with each scene
  • Advanced Mode option for challenging gameplay!
  • Find the legendary Mysterious Oasis!

Casual games like Mysterious Oasis are those playful PC games which lovers of Hidden Object / Adventure games play occasionally, from time to time or whenever they have some time to spent. This sensational Mysterious Oasis PC game is pleasing to play as well as to the eyes of all HOPA genre worshippers. Galvanic conclusion of posh Mysterious Oasis PC game will leave no one cold. We hope that after this game overview you will understand, how ambrosial and eminent Mysterious Oasis is.

System requirements:
RAM: 1024 MB
CPU: 1.0 GHz
HDD: 178 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
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Post by game (2014-03-19 13:44)

Tags: Mysterious Oasis Mysterious Oasis game Mysterious Oasis download Mysterious Oasis game download free Mysterious Oasis

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