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Mahjong Easter Game Free Download

Mahjong Easter Game Free Download: DOWNLOAD PAGE

This solitaire version of Mahjong is quick to learn and takes a long time to master! Choose from many different backgrounds, tile sets, and layouts. Experience the ancient solitaire game at its finest! Ask the computer to reveal the best moves. Undo moves and save your current game to pickup at another time. Keep track of your playing time and other statistics in-game.

  • Computer hints and undo features!
  • 5 tile sets and 10 different backgrounds!
  • 51 Easter-themed layouts to play!
Easter PC game continues precious traditions of classical games of topnotch Mahjong genre of PC games. PC game Mahjong Easter is topping Mahjong genre game which will be enjoyed by little ones, teens and by adult of all ages. You will be able to purchase incredible upgrades and helpful pot in Easter. Enjoy with this superb PC game Mahjong Easter! Good luck!
System requirements:
RAM: 512 MB
CPU: 1.0 GHz
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
HDD: 35 MB

Free Download Mahjong Easter for PC!


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Post by game (2014-04-22 09:00)

Tags: Mahjong Easter Mahjong Easter game Mahjong Easter free Mahjong Easter download Mahjong Easter free download

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