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A Wizard's Curse Game Free Download

A Wizard's Curse Game Free Download

The Wizard has embarked upon a dark and anguished path of misery and destruction, ruining lives as he rages through the countryside. Your skills as an Alchemist will certainly be invaluable, but there are other reasons the Sorcerer's Council has sent you to find and stop the Wizard. As your quest unfolds, you find evidence of his madness and must be creative in your efforts to trace his steps and confront him. Will you succeed? Will you be able to save those he has sacrificed? Will you survive? Can you dispel A Wizard's Curse?

In A Wizard's Curse PC game you will relish with it's perfect, awesome colophon upon playing through so many joyous the best locations. Charming quest, fascinating fulgent videosequence and high-grade melodious sound effects are all presented in this topnotch Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle PC game. A Wizard's Curse is another swell tale that worshippers are to write (or play through) themselves. Safe & secure download A Wizard's Curse game and have fun with it charming sweet sounding!
System requirements:
RAM: 512 MB
CPU: 1.6 GHz
HDD: 194 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

DirectX: 9.0

Free Download A Wizard's Curse Game for PC!


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Tripp's Adventures

Tripp's Adventures

Post by game (2013-03-16 06:20)

Tags: Wizard's Curse Game Free Download

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